Learning Outcomes


The graduates of the department are engineers, who have

1 Knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering and usage of the knowledge in the problems related with textile engineering.
2 Capability of design for products related with textile engineering (textile raw materials and technology), testing and interpretation of the results.
3 Ability to analyze and design the production process to meet certain requirements
4 Skill of determining, defining, formulizing and solving the problems related with textile engineering.
5 Skill of working in multidisciplinary and inner disciplinary teams
6 Comprehension and adoption of professionalism and ethics at work.
7 Effective communication skills
8 Extensive education for understanding the global and communal effects of the problems and solutions related with textile engineering.
9 Understanding the necessity of life-long learning.
10 Usage skill of modern engineering devices and technics required for engineering applicaitons
11 Awareness in business applications such as project management, risk management, entrepreneurship, etc.