The Textile Engineering Department of Dokuz Eylul University was established in 1997. Although as an engineering school the department has a short history, it has achieved to become one of the important educational and scientific institutions of Turkey with its academic staff, continuously renewed academic study program in accord with the scientific developments and feed backs from industry and increasing educational and research facilities with ongoing projects.

The mission of Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department is to educate skillful graduate students having creative and imaginative solutions about engineering and industrial problems by maintaining a qualified education at national and international standards, and to contribute to science with research and development activities.

Moreover as a consequence of its mission Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department try to broaden the vision of their students with applied selective courses, training courses, Erasmus student exchange program, double major and minor programs.

“External Advisor” and “Technical Selective Courses Pool” systems employed in our faculty and in our department are unique among the textile institutions in Turkey, because of the attention paid to cooperation with other educational and research institutions and industry. A voluntary external advisor, who works in a branch of industry, is assigned for each student in their first year. The task of external advisor is to guide students in their occupations during their education in cooperation with academic advisor of the student. Besides, Technical Selective Courses are planned to increase aptitude of students to teamwork and multi disciplinary study. These are project based courses selected directly by students from a pool with other engineering students. In addition, in their last year the students are entitled to complete well-disciplined senior projects.

In addition to its educational activities, Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department also provides testing, analysis and consulting services to researchers, institutions and industry with the aid of its experienced academic staff and new laboratories.

Department’s academic staff also put effort to promote scientific developments with their researches. In recent years the number of scientific and refereed publications of the staff increased meaningfully. The scientific research and activities of the department are both on general problems of textiles and on technical textiles such as textile composites, functional textiles, micro encapsulation applications etc. There are many completed and ongoing projects on these topics supported by the university research fund, TUBITAK, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and some other organizations.

Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department takes heed of special importance to technical textiles and the department organizes International Technical Textiles Congress to assemble researchers and companies aiming to provide new opportunities for exchange of knowledge and business cooperation. 8th International Technical Textiles Congress was held in Izmir on 13-14 October 2022.

Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department believes that textile industry will continue its important role in Turkish economy with its high export capacity and high numbers of employees in the following years. Therefore we encourage the students to prefer textile engineering education especially in Dokuz Eylul University Textile Engineering Department to maintain and contribute to the developments and innovations in textile industry.