Study Programs

The standard duration of the bachelor’s study program is five years. The first students of the department graduated in 2000-2001. Every year approximately 70 students attend the education program in the department. After a preparation year for English as a foreign language, the students attend courses in fundamentals of  engineering and  textiles in the first year of the program.

At end of the first year, the students should attend  a summer internship as an introduction to textile engineering. In the second and third years of the program, the detailed courses on textile sciences are given.

Also at the second and third summer period, the students should attend summer internship in various textile factories.

In the last year of the education program, in addition to the compulsory courses, the students are able to choose courses from three groups of selective courses, namely textile sciences, basic sciences and administrative and social sciences.

In this way the students are able to set up the most appropriate course outline for themselves according to their interest areas.

Throughout the study program, courses in English are also available for the students. Totally, 30% of the whole program is performed in English.

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The standard period of the Master of Science Program (M.Sc.) in Textile Engineering is two years. For more details:

The standard period of the Doctor of Philosophy Program (Ph.D.) in Textile Engineering is four years. For more details:

Graduate programs provide opportunities to qualified students for further education at advanced level.