Program Outcomes

Program outcomes:

PO1: Accumulation of knowledge on mathematic, science and engineering, ability to utilize and adapt theoretical and practical knowledge for the complex problems related with Textile Engineering

PO2: Skill to identify, define, formulate and solve complex problems related with Textile engineering; ability to distinguish and apply appropriate analysis and modelling methods

PO3: Ability to design complex system, process, equipment, or product to meet certain requirements by considering the realist practical limitations and applying modern design methods.

PO4: Ability to improve, select and use the modern techniques and equipment for the analysis and solution of the complex problems related with Textile Engineering applications; ability to use computer sciences effectively

PO5: Ability to design, perform, gather data and analyse with discussion the results of the experiments to investigate complex problems or researches related with Textile Engineering.

PO6: Skill of working alone and in teams of multidisciplinary and inner disciplinary

PO7: Affective communication skills in Turkish and at last one foreign language; preparing, understanding of the design and production reports, performing affective presentations, being able to give and take clear and understandable instructions.

PO8: Consciousness on lifelong learning; ability to reach for the information, to follow the improvements in science and technology and ability to renovate themselves continuously.

PO9: Knowledge of professionalism and ethics in the occupation, knowledge on the standarts for Textile Engineering applications

PO10: Knowledge on business applications, project management, risk management and change management; awareness on work safety and Awareness in entrepreneurship, innovation.

PO11: Knowledge on the problems reflected by the effects of Textile Engineering applications on health and environment in terms of universal and domestic dimensions; awareness on the legal results of the engineering solutions