Selected Projects




Studies on Designing Functional Textile Product Prof.Dr.Gülseren KURUMER Completed
Development of Nano-sized Crosslinking Agent by Sol-Gel Method and Its Application to Fabrics Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Completed
Continuous Electrochromic Fiber Production By Magnetron Sputtering And Chemical Oxidative Polymerization Technique Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Ongoing
Development of Environmentally Friendly, Stable to Washing and

Flame Retardant Hybride Textile Materials by Sol-Gel Method

Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Ongoing
Antibacterial Coating Possibilities for Industrial Technical Textiles Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Ongoing
Production of Natural Fiber Doped Composite Fibers and Investigation of Their Properties Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Ongoing
Using of Plasma for Modification of Medical Products Assoc. Prof.Dr.Aysun AKŞİT Ongoing
Design of Towel to Use in Aromatherapy Prof.Dr.Merih SARIIŞIK Completed
Enzymatic Modification and Optimization of Knitted Fabrics produced from Cotton, Regenerated Cellulose and Their Blends Prof.Dr.Merih SARIIŞIK Completed
Production and Characterization of Several Capsules to Functionalize Textile Materials Prof.Dr.Merih SARIIŞIK Ongoing
Investigation of Usage Possibilities of Liposomes in Textile Finishing Treatments Prof.Dr.Merih SARIIŞIK Ongoing
Textile Based Flexible Circuit Design Prof.Dr.Ender BULGUN Completed
Design and Performance Evaluation of Clothing for Firefigthers Prof.Dr.Ender BULGUN Ongoing
Functional Sports Wear Prof.Dr.Sevil YEŞİLPINAR Ongoing
Electromagnetic Shieding Performance of Woven and Knitted Fabrics with conductive yarns Prof.Dr.Fatma ÇEKEN Completed
Production Of Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Doped Nanocomposite Fibers Assist. Prof.Dr.Bengi KUTLU Ongoing
Investigation of Protection Properties of Workwear Fabrics against Molten Metal Assist. Prof.Dr.Bengi KUTLU Ongoing
Manufacture of performance improved Fibres containing sellulosic fibre wastes Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ü.Halis ERDOĞAN Ongoing